NFL Divisional Weekend

by Carson Young, staff writer

The first game of the divisional round was the Philadelphia Eagles playing the Atlanta Falcons.  The Philadelphia Eagles were the underdog going into the game. The Atlanta Falcons got off to a great start scoring a field goal in the first and a touchdown in the second. The Eagles didn’t get a great start in the first but they did score nine in the second quarter. Coming out of halftime the Eagles came out strong scoring a field goal in each quarter and not allowing the Falcons to score the rest of the game. Nick Foles played a great game throwing for 246 yards and completing 23/30 passes. Matt Ryan only threw for 210 yards and a touchdown but completed 22/36 passes. The Eagles will be playing for the NFC Championship at home on Jan 21.

image (3)

The second game of the divisional round was the Tennessee Titans playing the New England  Patriots. The Titans got off to a fast start scoring a touchdown in the first but the Patriots responded in the second scoring 3 touchdowns of their own. Going into half the Patriots were up on the Titans 21-7. Coming out of half the Patriots scored another touchdown which basically put the game out of reach for the Titans. Then in the fourth quarter the Patriots scored again making the game 35-7. The Titans scored for the first time in three quarters making the score 35-14 but this game was already over. Tom Brady had a great game throwing for 337 yards 3 touchdowns and he completed 35/53 pass attempts. Another bright spot for the Patriots was Danny Amendola having 11 receptions and 112 receiving yards. While Marcus Mariota only threw for 254 yards and 2 touchdowns completing 22 of his 37 passes he also lead rusher for the Titans rushing for 37 yards. The Patriots will be playing in the AFC championship game at home in Gillette Stadium.

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The first game on Sunday was the Jacksonville Jaguars playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Jaguars got off to a fast start against the Steelers scoring 14 in the first quarter. In the second quarter the Steelers woke up and started to score they scored 14 in the second quarter but the Jaguars responded to each touchdown the Steelers scored with a touchdown of their own. The score going into halftime was Jaguars 28 Steelers 14. Coming out of half the Steelers looked better than they did in the first half scoring a touchdown making the score 28-21 still in favor of the Jaguars but the Jaguars did not score at all during the 3rd quarter. In the 4th Jaguars scored 17 while the Steelers scored 21 in the 4th. The Steelers were down 7 going into crunch time and scored another touchdown but the Jaguars ended up winning the game by a field goal just right before time expired beating the Steelers. Leonard Fournette was one of the bright spots for the Jaguars rushing for 109 yards on 25 carries and rushed for 3 touchdowns. Blake Bortles threw for 216 yards on 14-26 pass attempts and one touchdown. While on the Steelers side Ben Roethlisberger threw for 469 yards on 37-58 pass attempts and 5 touchdowns. The Jaguars will be playing the Patriots on the road at Gillette Stadium for the AFC Championship game.


The last game of the divisional weekend was the Minnesota Vikings playing the New Orleans Saints in Minnesota. The Vikings got off to a fast start scoring 10 in the first quarter. The Saints got off to a slow start in the game not scoring until after halftime. The Vikings scored another 7 in the second quarter making the score 17-0 going into half. Coming out of half the Saints woke up and scored 7 in the third quarter. Then in fourth the Saints scored 17 but the Vikings went back and forth and traded touchdown for touchdown but the Saints scored another 10 points to put the saint in the lead 24 to 23 with less than a minute to go. The Vikings had one more drive to get the win and with six seconds left Case Keenum threw a pass up to Stefon Diggs and Marcus Williams missed the tackle and Stefon Diggs scored the touchdown to win the game. Drew Brees threw for 294 yards on 25-40 pass attempts and 3 touchdowns but getting picked off two times. On the Vikings side Case Keenum threw for 318 yards on 25-40 pass attempts one touchdown and one interception. The Vikings will play the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field for the NFC Championship Game.

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