Opinions on the Bible Project


By: Braden Simmons, staff writer

This year freshmen greeted the new quarter with a project in Bible. The project in Bible was to select an influential African American from a list and create a poster on them. Many students did not see the reason in doing this project and said it does not pertain to Bible class. While others were happy to not have to worry about a test for a while. This was quite a topic of discussion among the freshmen during the month of January.

Here is what Gordon Parker had to say about the project, “ I think we were given this project as a way to see the adversity and the influence of these figures on society and how they helped us get to where we are today.”

When asked how he felt Kameron Mckinney said, “I thought that this project was a great idea to learn about these different African American figures from different parts of history and i liked learning a little about everyone’s person.”

Seeing how students reacted to the project I think that most students felt this was a great way to learn a little more about African American people in society and how the Bible affected them. While a minority felt this was kind of a stretch to apply this to a Bible lesson. Either way you feel about this project it was still a great lesson for students and I think they learned something about someone they didn’t know before.

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