Senior Mission Trip

By: Milagros Gomez, Staff Writer

On April 4 through 11. Our seniors will be heading to South America, more specifically Nicaragua on a mission trip for a week with the objective of spreading the word of God and his message to Nicaraguans, and building their faith in Him or increase it if they already believe.

“I have been taking cold showers to get used to it, since there will not be hot water” said Emily Dawson when asked how she was preparing for the trip.

All year, the seniors have been preparing with Mr. Jon Harkness and Dr. Gabriel Fernandez. Mr. Harkness has been talking to them about the local customs, like the way people greet each other and how polite Nicaraguans are so they are not surprised when they get there. Fun fact! Did you know that Nicaraguans never say no? It’s considered rude to deny things that are offered to a person over there. Interesting, huh?

From 21 to 24 of September 2017,  Dr Fernandez and Mr. Harkness travelled to Nicaragua to see where exactly the seniors would be staying, what places they would be offering their services to and what type of preventions are required for the seniors to have, mostly related to their health since there are many illnesses (Some of them contagious) in Nicaragua that North America doesn’t suffer from, like Malaria or Dengue Fever. Certain vaccines must be received in order to protect the body from certain illnesses, and the seniors traveling must be aware of that when it comes to getting into contact and touching people from there.

Another way in which the seniors are preparing for the trip is by trying to learn as much Spanish as possible, and they have been asking me to teach them some more Spanish other that the one they already know. At the very beginning of the year they were taught how to present themselves to the people of the place, you have to say  ‘Hola, me llamo…’. It’s one of the basic things you should know how to say in order to interact with people. The fact that everyone who is going knows at least a little bit of Spanish is a good thing and really says a lot about them and how much they are looking forward to the trip.

When asked what she was most looking forward to, this is what Emily replied: “Experiencing a new culture and interacting with children, I love them”

As a person who has gone on a mission trip, I can tell you that it is an amazing experience and it makes you feel like you are actually doing a difference in the world. It really is a great opportunity for the seniors who are traveling to Nicaragua. This mission trip will not only give them the chance to experience another culture, different from their own, they will also be able to learn how things are done in another part of the world and they will be able to meet new people. Above all, though, they will be able to spread the word of God to other people and let them know that no matter how bad things can get, no matter what happens, they will always be able to rely on Him.



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