By: Peyton Miranda, Staff Writer

As the winter season ends it brings a whole new one… spring! Spring sports tryouts are coming up for baseball, soccer, tennis, and softball. Most of these sports, except golf,  have been practicing for their upcoming season for months now to be ready for tryouts coming up at the end of this month.

In order to prepare for the upcoming season soccer has had workouts and softball/ baseball has been practicing as much as they can and even inside because of all the rain. Softball, so far, has a very young team with a whole new coach and are ready for their upcoming season.

“I really have been looking forward for this softball season, and with our new coach, it should be good.” said Olivia Royal, sophomore.  

On the Feb. 21 are middle school and varsity baseball/softball, middle school and varsity girls soccer, and Feb 26 are varsity golf and boys tennis. The tryout packets with more information are in the office.

“We are definitely going to get rings this year.” said senior Carson Young, on the baseball team this year.

 With all the preparation for the upcoming season, Village is ready for big things to happen this year with these teams.


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