Super Bowl LII

By: Izzy Macias, Staff Writer

Super Bowl LII was one of the most exciting and yet greatest underdog stories to be remembered. The Philadelphia Eagles vs the New England Patriots were competing in the final game of the season to win it all; and it was going to be interesting.

The New England Patriots have won five Super Bowls in their time, while the Eagles have won none. Coming into the game the team and the fans were hoping to break this streak wanting to take home the trophy. They had to prove themselves on the field to a team that has won this event five times before. The way the Eagles played you could see the passion and the determination to win it. The way they moved you could tell the level of alertness they had was high.

Fans of the Eagles started the trend of wearing a dog mask as a symbol of being underdogs which appeared to show confidence in their team. The winner was impossible to predict as both teams presented the skill and heart for the game. While both teams had an even balance of skill it would ultimately come down to who had more heart and who wanted it more.

As the game got underway Eagles started the first quarter with a 9 to 3 lead. By the end of the second quarter the score read Eagles with a 22 to 12 point lead.

As the second quarter closed, fans were thrilled to watch the halftime show led by music artist Justin Timberlake. Timberlake sang some of his most memorable songs including those released in the early 2000’s that most of us know and love. The show was presented in a series of stages and colors and lights to bring an uplifting and fun atmosphere for all to enjoy.

After the halftime show players began to lock in their focus and turn their mind to the game as time was winding down to decide on the championship. In the third quarter the game started to become neck and neck as both teams were fighting hard to pull through.

As the final quarter of the final game of the season came into play the Eagles definitely showed the passion and heart for the game as every play was executed perfectly and ran to its design. The defense was able to lock down the Patriots offense dominating the field. With 1:02 on the clock the final score was by the eagles with a 46 yard field goal. The Eagles won the Superbowl with a 41 to 33 score. Fans and players celebrated because it was the first super bowl they had won in history. Not only will the game be written in the books as history but one the greatest underdog stories to be told.


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