Yikes! It’s flu season

by Emma McDonald, staff writer

Top 7 Tips to Stay Healthy!

This flu season has been pretty brutal, probably worse than the swine flu of 2009-2010, which killed a lot of people, but this flu season looks like it might pass the death toll of the swine flu.

If you don’t want to get sick, here are a few tips to keep healthy!

  1. Get the flu vaccine, it’ll lessen your chance of getting really sick with the flu. You might get it but it won’t be as brutal!
  2. Wash your hands! People should do this anyway, but especially after touching surfaces at restaurants and various other places. Germs can spread very easily, especially this virus!
  3. Wash your countertops/desks! Like previously said, scientists have concluded that this virus will stick to a countertop or doorknob for 3 days! Just waiting for people to touch and get infected.
  4. Wash everything you touch! According to Shawn Westadt Mueller, RN, director of infection prevention and control at Medstar Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, “bacteria likes warm, dark, and moist places, so your washing machine could harbor germs, especially over time.” Her advice: Put two tablespoons of white vinegar where the detergent usually goes, and run the “clean” cycle.
  5. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to not interact with those who are sick, this virus is spread by touch so don’t hug anyone who has the flu. They should be in bed anyway.
  6. Most importantly, remind people (including yourself) to cover their mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. The virus could easily be spread by coughing and sneezing.
  7. If you bite your nails, try to stop! You’re basically inviting flu germs into your mouth and nose from your fingers. Even if you wash your hands all the time, there are germs on your hands from basically everything you’ve touched. Soap and water don’t kill them all.

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