The Harkni Journey of a New Life

By: Haley Danis, Staff Writer

Bringing a new life into the world is a blessing from God. Our very own Jon and Kasey Harkness began the adoption process in April 2017. On February 2 2018 at 12:58 pm James Marshall was born. The adoption process was very challenging for the Harkness’.

“Since we decided to do a private adoption without the use of an agency, we needed to arrange for our own pre-placement assignment (home study, where they do super extensive background checks, family histories, and a social worker conducts several interview with you to decide if you can handle an adoption of a child) and we had to hire an attorney,” Harkness explained.

Village and many other friends of the Harkness’ donated to the gofundme account that was made for the arrival of James Marshall and raised over $7 thousand after fees. Students of village shared the link to the gofundme account every social media that they have to get the word out of the adoption. Picking a baby’s name can be the hardest part of a birth. Putting a meaning behind a name will make the name very special to the parents of a new life.

“We have always liked the name “James”, but on top of that my sister’s name is jamie, and since she’s the one who had the connection that found the baby in the first place, we thought it was very fitting to honor her. As for the middle name we got the idea of “Marshall” from the character on “How I Met Your Mother”, who our friends like to joke about and say the character and Jon have a lot in common,” Harkness commented.

The first time a mother lays eyes on their newborn child, it is a very magical and heart warming experience. As for the Harkness’ they were in awe that it really came true, and that they actually had him in their arms after ten months.  

There is more to come with James Marshall and the Harkness’ journey on a new family!


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