March Madness

by Braden Simmons, staff writer

March Madness has come back again and brackets are going to be made, upsets will happen, and ultimately one team will win the madness known as the NCAA tournament. Many people look forward to March Madness as a time to root for their favorite colleges and to hopefully see their team come out on top. What is interesting about the tournament is team’s placements in the bracket are not by their win to loss ratio alone it is also selected by which teams you beat and which conference you’re in and many other things can affect where a team is placed. One thing that is for certain when watching March Madness is there is bound to be upsets. However this year had many more upsets than usual. This was a momentous year of madness with such events as a 16th seed beating a one seed, UNC going down in the sweet sixteen, and Loyola Chicago going as far as the sweet sixteen as an eleven seed.

Kameron McKinney said,” I love watching March Madness. It’s so crazy and unpredictable. All of the star players have been choking.”

“I don’t really watch basketball, but I think that Basketball is a fun sport, “ Chad Mitchell, a ninth grader, said.

During a poll of ten people who were asked to predict a winner at the start of March Madness it wasn’t shocking to see that seven people said UNC, one person said Duke, one person said Virginia, and one person said they didn’t watch college basketball.                                                                                                                                                                                    With March Madness in full swing and about to return most people entered the tournament thinking there was going to be teams that we a lock to not be upset by anyone. However this March madness made history and not in a good way when number one seeded Virginia went down to the number sixteen UMBC in the first round. This is the first time that this has ever happened in NCAA tournament history. Along with all the upsets comes the busted brackets.  Well there’s always a chance next year.

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