Mulan, Jr.

by Peyton Miranda, staff writer

This year’s school production was Mulan Jr, decided by the choir director and head director of the play Denise Lanier, had been in progress since November. It has taken many people, parents and late night practices to get this production ready to show the public.

When the announcement about Mulan, Jr. first came out everyone was very confused on why Lanier chose this as the spring production.

“I chose Mulan, Jr. because it is a great story about sacrifice and family.” said Lanier.

At first no one was very excited about the play, but after auditions and a couple practices the performers and cast became excited about this choice. Lanier had high hopes for this production when she chose it even though she got the reactions she did.  

“I think that a lot of talent showed up to auditions, and although it took a lot of prayer to put everyone in the right role I think I made the right decision.” said Lanier.

All the hard work and effort put into this play was well worth the late night practices and loss of sleep. The show was great and everyone was very pleased with how it turned out. Lanier is already asking for play suggestions for next year, and wants next year to be just as good as the last.

2 thoughts on “Mulan, Jr.

  1. I really like how this article is put together and reads. I also like how the quotes aren’t forced into this article and I really like how you covered this story.


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