NBA Playoffs

Asa Barnes, sports writer

The 2018 NBA playoffs has begun and it has gotten off to a exciting start. Here is a look at the bracket.


The first round gives us a couple of good series that come along with questions. Can the injury riddled Warriors win their second straight championship and their third in 4 years? Can the Houston Rockets led by the probable NBA MVP James Harden break get over the hump and break the stereotype? Can the LeBron led Cavs get back to the finals?

“Rockets are definitely winning.” Jordan Griffin states. “This is Harden’s year.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that the Warriors are winning it again.” Jay Lunsford said. “They are just far ahead of the league.”

Whoever you think will win, one things for sure and that’s that this year’s playoffs will be very exciting. I know that me and the rest of the world are looking forward to it.

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