To biscuit or not?

Bryce Neier, staff writerImage-1

Starting on March 5, stopped serving hot breakfast prior to the school day This decisions caused an uproar with students who would no longer be able to get hot food prior to their school day beginning.

The reason behind this change was less than five percent of the student body was taking advantage of the breakfast which resulted in the repercussion of a financial loss to the cafeteria’s bottom line.

Mr. Tom Rider , superintendent of Village, said in a recent email that the decision to stop breakfast for the high school was a purely a fiscal one. It was brought to his attention that there was not enough students taking advantage of the breakfast and was costing Village money leaving Mr.Rider with a tough decision to make.

An email was sent March 2 to families and students notifying them off the change.  As you can imagine, there was a brief moment of chaos among the high school population as most students rely on break to keep them from experiencing hunger until lunch.  Most upperclassmen were pleasantly surprised to find waffles, pancakes and biscuits still available during the 12 minute respite between their first and second classes. The dining services department plans to continue offering hot foods, along with the typical grab and go items, throughout the remainder of the year.

Do you have a suggestion for the cafeteria staff on items offered during break?  We would love to hear your comments by posting below.

Mulan, Jr.

by Peyton Miranda, staff writer

This year’s school production was Mulan Jr, decided by the choir director and head director of the play Denise Lanier, had been in progress since November. It has taken many people, parents and late night practices to get this production ready to show the public.

When the announcement about Mulan, Jr. first came out everyone was very confused on why Lanier chose this as the spring production.

“I chose Mulan, Jr. because it is a great story about sacrifice and family.” said Lanier.

At first no one was very excited about the play, but after auditions and a couple practices the performers and cast became excited about this choice. Lanier had high hopes for this production when she chose it even though she got the reactions she did.  

“I think that a lot of talent showed up to auditions, and although it took a lot of prayer to put everyone in the right role I think I made the right decision.” said Lanier.

All the hard work and effort put into this play was well worth the late night practices and loss of sleep. The show was great and everyone was very pleased with how it turned out. Lanier is already asking for play suggestions for next year, and wants next year to be just as good as the last.

Yikes! It’s flu season

by Emma McDonald, staff writer

Top 7 Tips to Stay Healthy!

This flu season has been pretty brutal, probably worse than the swine flu of 2009-2010, which killed a lot of people, but this flu season looks like it might pass the death toll of the swine flu.

If you don’t want to get sick, here are a few tips to keep healthy!

  1. Get the flu vaccine, it’ll lessen your chance of getting really sick with the flu. You might get it but it won’t be as brutal!
  2. Wash your hands! People should do this anyway, but especially after touching surfaces at restaurants and various other places. Germs can spread very easily, especially this virus!
  3. Wash your countertops/desks! Like previously said, scientists have concluded that this virus will stick to a countertop or doorknob for 3 days! Just waiting for people to touch and get infected.
  4. Wash everything you touch! According to Shawn Westadt Mueller, RN, director of infection prevention and control at Medstar Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, “bacteria likes warm, dark, and moist places, so your washing machine could harbor germs, especially over time.” Her advice: Put two tablespoons of white vinegar where the detergent usually goes, and run the “clean” cycle.
  5. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to not interact with those who are sick, this virus is spread by touch so don’t hug anyone who has the flu. They should be in bed anyway.
  6. Most importantly, remind people (including yourself) to cover their mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. The virus could easily be spread by coughing and sneezing.
  7. If you bite your nails, try to stop! You’re basically inviting flu germs into your mouth and nose from your fingers. Even if you wash your hands all the time, there are germs on your hands from basically everything you’ve touched. Soap and water don’t kill them all.

Let it snow

by staff writer, Madison Gentle

On Jan 16 ,2018 in Fayetteville, NC we got snow! The forecast was set for days in advance, with all schools in Cumberland County being told that there would be no school on this day.

Snow was projected to come down earlier in the morning in the Fayetteville area. But, unfortunately the snow came later in the day, this meant that the sun would be going away and the snow would be able to turn into ice overnight. Since the snow turned into sleet there was also no school Jan 17 -18, which was favorable for those who love to sleep in.

In Fayetteville , at my home we received about two inches of snow. Other parts of Fayetteville didn’t get as much snow because of the direction the snow was coming from .While Cumberland county schools sent out a message on Thursday in the evening saying that there would be school and they would operate on a two-hour delay.Last week most high schoolers were taking their final exams to finish off the first semester.

Village still operated on a two-hour delay on Friday, Jan 19 while all other schools in Cumberland County would be canceled for the day due to hazardous road conditions. However from now on schools will most likely be operating off of regular schedule.

“I really loved that we got snow this year, near my house we got at least five inches. It was pretty cool.” said Aiyana Moore.

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“The snow North Carolina got this year was pretty extreme for where we live. This was the first time in three years that we got that much.” said Bre Baker.

Nonetheless, the entire east coast received an arctic blast.To the southeast, it seemed much worse , being that the south isn’t accustomed or prepared for inclement weather of this caliber. Most if not all counties in the southeast have been out of school for a number of days due to below freezing temperatures and chilling winds.

While both freezing rain and snow came down it was only able to stick due to forecast temperatures ranging from 79 to 39 degrees fahrenheit in Orlando FL last week. While in NC it ranged from 64 to 14 degrees fahrenheit . Lots of people brought out their shovels, sleds, and winter coats to snowboard down their sidewalks and to have snowball fights.


Defy Fayetteville

by Peyton Miranda, staff writer

Defy Fayetteville is hands down the top new attraction in Fayetteville. After many delayed openings it opened and was ready for business on Dec. 9, and has been packed everyday since. The jump park has 35 trampolines including a stunt fall, foam pits, a zipline, etc.  

A main reason the park was so packed was because it opened right at the beginning of winter break.

“I really didn’t have a lot to do over break so Defy opened up at the perfect time it was so fun!” said sophomore Grace Wilson.

“I went to Defy about 2 or 3 times over break and the glow thing at night was by far my favorite thing.” said sophomore Anna Grace Bowles.  

Something Defy Fayetteville does that’s different from any other Defy is called Club Defy. Every night at 9 they close down the park for any kids under 15, and make it into a glow park for older kids/ adults. This attracts so many older kids who try to avoid all the little kids or cannot come during the day.

Here’s a tip before you defy…to avoid waiting in line, do your waiver online before you get there!  

Water crisis

On January  3, the first-day students at Village returned from Christmas break, there was already a 2-hour early release in place due to expected inclement weather. Early in the morning, a water pipe burst to cause students to be released at 10 am. The following days were filled with artic like weather causing the school to be closed for the rest of the week.

“The water situation didn’t really affect me at home because I have a well, but earlier that morning, I had brushed my teeth with the water at school. Due to the school closing, I was delayed from finishing my exams,” said Syleste Chiomento(11).”
ATTENTION: PWC water customers may be experiencing reduced water pressure throughout the system.  Crews are working to resolve the issue and PWC request customers reduce water use until further notice,” said PWC in a tweet on January 6. This caused a slight panic and a water boil advisory to be put in place. Due to this most restaurants were closed over the weekend and schools were closed on January 8. January 8 night the issue was resolved and normal routines started back Tuesday.

Mock Trial

staff writer Peyton Miranda

Last school year the Mock Trial team really raised the bar by going all the way to state competition and getting 4th place.  This year the Mock Trial Team, lead by Shon McAteer and captains Robby Renson and Jared Danaher for the purple team, and Madison Swanson and Kameryn Pauly for the white team, plan on going even further.

On their annual Boston trip they toured Cambridge University and Harvard University. After going through many seminars they competed in a scrimmage and performed very well.

Although they learned a lot sophomore Madison Swanson says, “Honestly the best part of the trip was spending time with the team and getting to know each other better”.

Swanson has been on the team for 2 years and helped put this year’s team together.  

Swanson also said,  “I am most excited for the competition in February, because all of our hard work will have paid off.”

A group representing 2018 Mock Trial stands on the campus of Harvard.

The team has been practicing for a couple of weeks preparing for their upcoming competition in February.