Olympics 2018 Pyechongang

By: Carson Young, staff writer
The Olympics are starting today with mixed doubles curling which means there is one man and one woman per team from eight different countries. Today is the Olympic debut for the sport. They will be competing in a shortened match with 5 stones instead of eight different stones.

Tomorrow the figure skating team event starts with men’s and pairs short programs and is likely to offer the first glimpse of  U.S. champion Nathan Chen. The last American to reach the podium in figure skating was Evan Lysacheck in 2010; Chen has a chance to be on the next American on the podium.

Opening ceremony is on Friday February 7 at six in the morning. The drama will be on who will kindle the cauldron at PyeongChang Olympic Stadium. The best bet is Yuna Kim, the 2010 figure skating champion who retired after taking silver in Sochi in 2014.  The rest of the Olympics will start after the opening ceremony.   

I am projecting that Germany will win 40 medals having 14 gold medals, 12 silver and 14 bronze. Norway will win 37 medals total having 14 gold medals, 11 silver medals and 12 bronze. The US will win 29 total medals having 10 gold medals, 10 silver medals and 9 bronze medals. France will have the fourth most medals with 24 medals, 9 gold medals, 9 silver medals and 6 bronze medals. Coming in 5th place will be Canada with 33 total medals but only having 7 gold medals, 12 silver medals and 14 bronze medals.

Chloe Kim says this about this year’s Olympics “It’ll be a good experience to go through such a crazy event with my family,” Kim told TIME. “But at the same time, I’m very worried, ’cause it’s the freaking Olympics. I want to do really good. I’ve got to nail it.”

Nathan Chen says this about this year’s Olympics “I think that my very best performances are the times when I completely block everything out and it goes on auto drive — I don’t think about anything,”


Senior Mission Trip

By: Milagros Gomez, Staff Writer

On April 4 through 11. Our seniors will be heading to South America, more specifically Nicaragua on a mission trip for a week with the objective of spreading the word of God and his message to Nicaraguans, and building their faith in Him or increase it if they already believe.

“I have been taking cold showers to get used to it, since there will not be hot water” said Emily Dawson when asked how she was preparing for the trip.

All year, the seniors have been preparing with Mr. Jon Harkness and Dr. Gabriel Fernandez. Mr. Harkness has been talking to them about the local customs, like the way people greet each other and how polite Nicaraguans are so they are not surprised when they get there. Fun fact! Did you know that Nicaraguans never say no? It’s considered rude to deny things that are offered to a person over there. Interesting, huh?

From 21 to 24 of September 2017,  Dr Fernandez and Mr. Harkness travelled to Nicaragua to see where exactly the seniors would be staying, what places they would be offering their services to and what type of preventions are required for the seniors to have, mostly related to their health since there are many illnesses (Some of them contagious) in Nicaragua that North America doesn’t suffer from, like Malaria or Dengue Fever. Certain vaccines must be received in order to protect the body from certain illnesses, and the seniors traveling must be aware of that when it comes to getting into contact and touching people from there.

Another way in which the seniors are preparing for the trip is by trying to learn as much Spanish as possible, and they have been asking me to teach them some more Spanish other that the one they already know. At the very beginning of the year they were taught how to present themselves to the people of the place, you have to say  ‘Hola, me llamo…’. It’s one of the basic things you should know how to say in order to interact with people. The fact that everyone who is going knows at least a little bit of Spanish is a good thing and really says a lot about them and how much they are looking forward to the trip.

When asked what she was most looking forward to, this is what Emily replied: “Experiencing a new culture and interacting with children, I love them”

As a person who has gone on a mission trip, I can tell you that it is an amazing experience and it makes you feel like you are actually doing a difference in the world. It really is a great opportunity for the seniors who are traveling to Nicaragua. This mission trip will not only give them the chance to experience another culture, different from their own, they will also be able to learn how things are done in another part of the world and they will be able to meet new people. Above all, though, they will be able to spread the word of God to other people and let them know that no matter how bad things can get, no matter what happens, they will always be able to rely on Him.



Mulan Jr

By: Madison Gentle, Staff Writer

Theater can be difficult.  You have people who must learn lines.  And others who need to make sure they are in the right place. You also have songs to learn and notes to hit. When done correctly it could be the best.

We all know the Disney classic of “Mulan” right?  If you don’t, Mulan is a Chinese fairytale where Mulan’s father is summoned to war but is too old and too hurt to fight correctly. Mulan fears that he will not return so she takes his place in battle and dresses like a man and cuts her hair. She ends up being outed after she is wounded and kicked out of her plutone. After she begins to return home she sees that the bad guys that she was initially fighting were still after the Capital of China. She rounds up the best of her fighters and they end up defeating the bad guys and saving their capital.

This spring Village will be performing “Mulan Jr”. The performances will be March 9 at 7:00 pm and March 10 at 2:00 and 6:00 pm.

With the help of faculty, staff and parents this may be this best play Village has done. A new chorus teacher, Ms. Lanier, is taking on this play from an entirely different direction then students have in previous years.

“We currently only have one song under our belts but we should be able to finish everything by our first performance date.” said Marissa Borst, tenth grade, who will be playing Mulan’s mom.

Knightline congratulates all Village theater students on their announced roles.  Tickets will be available online in late February.


By: Peyton Miranda, Staff Writer

As the winter season ends it brings a whole new one… spring! Spring sports tryouts are coming up for baseball, soccer, tennis, and softball. Most of these sports, except golf,  have been practicing for their upcoming season for months now to be ready for tryouts coming up at the end of this month.

In order to prepare for the upcoming season soccer has had workouts and softball/ baseball has been practicing as much as they can and even inside because of all the rain. Softball, so far, has a very young team with a whole new coach and are ready for their upcoming season.

“I really have been looking forward for this softball season, and with our new coach, it should be good.” said Olivia Royal, sophomore.  

On the Feb. 21 are middle school and varsity baseball/softball, middle school and varsity girls soccer, and Feb 26 are varsity golf and boys tennis. The tryout packets with more information are in the office.

“We are definitely going to get rings this year.” said senior Carson Young, on the baseball team this year.

 With all the preparation for the upcoming season, Village is ready for big things to happen this year with these teams.


Defy Fayetteville

by Peyton Miranda, staff writer

Defy Fayetteville is hands down the top new attraction in Fayetteville. After many delayed openings it opened and was ready for business on Dec. 9, and has been packed everyday since. The jump park has 35 trampolines including a stunt fall, foam pits, a zipline, etc.  

A main reason the park was so packed was because it opened right at the beginning of winter break.

“I really didn’t have a lot to do over break so Defy opened up at the perfect time it was so fun!” said sophomore Grace Wilson.

“I went to Defy about 2 or 3 times over break and the glow thing at night was by far my favorite thing.” said sophomore Anna Grace Bowles.  

Something Defy Fayetteville does that’s different from any other Defy is called Club Defy. Every night at 9 they close down the park for any kids under 15, and make it into a glow park for older kids/ adults. This attracts so many older kids who try to avoid all the little kids or cannot come during the day.

Here’s a tip before you defy…to avoid waiting in line, do your waiver online before you get there!  

Playoff Chaos

by Asa Barnes, staff writer

The playoff committee  selected the four teams that would compete for the championship in the College Football Playoffs.

Clemson(12-1), Oklahoma(12-1) and Georgia(12-1), all winners of their conference championship game, were already presumed to be playoff bound.  Controversy arose with the fourth selection.

With the fourth selection the committee chose to place Alabama(11-1) in the slot over Ohio State (11-2), even though Ohio State won their conference championship game and Alabama didn’t even get to participate in a conference championship match up.

Kirby Hocutt, head of the playoff committee had this to say about the choice. “Here is why the committee ranked Alabama at No. 4. Alabama has one loss, and it was on the road to now No. 7 Auburn. Ohio State has two losses, one by 15 points at home to Oklahoma, and the other more damaging by 31 points at unranked Iowa. Alabama is superior in just about every statistical category that we think are important. For example, they are No. 1 or No. 2 in every key defensive category.”   

There are many people, especially on social media, who believe that Alabama shouldn’t be in the playoffs for a variety of reasons.

One reason is that these posters don’t believe that two teams from the same conference should be in the playoffs together. With Georgia being the number 3 seed in the playoffs and the winner of the SEC conference they feel like they should be the lone SEC team.


A second thought  is that Alabama had one of the weakest strength of schedules seen from a playoff team in a while. A large majority of tweeters use arguments saying that Alabama hasn’t played a significant match up all year. This seems to be the belief of a lot of the social media world. When Alabama finally played a top ten team Auburn, with 3 losses, physically out matched the Alabama offense and defense.


Catch the College Football Playoffs on Jan 1 as Alabama takes on Clemson in the Sugar Bowl and Georgia battles Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl.