To biscuit or not?

Bryce Neier, staff writerImage-1

Starting on March 5, stopped serving hot breakfast prior to the school day This decisions caused an uproar with students who would no longer be able to get hot food prior to their school day beginning.

The reason behind this change was less than five percent of the student body was taking advantage of the breakfast which resulted in the repercussion of a financial loss to the cafeteria’s bottom line.

Mr. Tom Rider , superintendent of Village, said in a recent email that the decision to stop breakfast for the high school was a purely a fiscal one. It was brought to his attention that there was not enough students taking advantage of the breakfast and was costing Village money leaving Mr.Rider with a tough decision to make.

An email was sent March 2 to families and students notifying them off the change.  As you can imagine, there was a brief moment of chaos among the high school population as most students rely on break to keep them from experiencing hunger until lunch.  Most upperclassmen were pleasantly surprised to find waffles, pancakes and biscuits still available during the 12 minute respite between their first and second classes. The dining services department plans to continue offering hot foods, along with the typical grab and go items, throughout the remainder of the year.

Do you have a suggestion for the cafeteria staff on items offered during break?  We would love to hear your comments by posting below.

Mulan, Jr.

by Peyton Miranda, staff writer

This year’s school production was Mulan Jr, decided by the choir director and head director of the play Denise Lanier, had been in progress since November. It has taken many people, parents and late night practices to get this production ready to show the public.

When the announcement about Mulan, Jr. first came out everyone was very confused on why Lanier chose this as the spring production.

“I chose Mulan, Jr. because it is a great story about sacrifice and family.” said Lanier.

At first no one was very excited about the play, but after auditions and a couple practices the performers and cast became excited about this choice. Lanier had high hopes for this production when she chose it even though she got the reactions she did.  

“I think that a lot of talent showed up to auditions, and although it took a lot of prayer to put everyone in the right role I think I made the right decision.” said Lanier.

All the hard work and effort put into this play was well worth the late night practices and loss of sleep. The show was great and everyone was very pleased with how it turned out. Lanier is already asking for play suggestions for next year, and wants next year to be just as good as the last.

March Madness

by Braden Simmons, staff writer

March Madness has come back again and brackets are going to be made, upsets will happen, and ultimately one team will win the madness known as the NCAA tournament. Many people look forward to March Madness as a time to root for their favorite colleges and to hopefully see their team come out on top. What is interesting about the tournament is team’s placements in the bracket are not by their win to loss ratio alone it is also selected by which teams you beat and which conference you’re in and many other things can affect where a team is placed. One thing that is for certain when watching March Madness is there is bound to be upsets. However this year had many more upsets than usual. This was a momentous year of madness with such events as a 16th seed beating a one seed, UNC going down in the sweet sixteen, and Loyola Chicago going as far as the sweet sixteen as an eleven seed.

Kameron McKinney said,” I love watching March Madness. It’s so crazy and unpredictable. All of the star players have been choking.”

“I don’t really watch basketball, but I think that Basketball is a fun sport, “ Chad Mitchell, a ninth grader, said.

During a poll of ten people who were asked to predict a winner at the start of March Madness it wasn’t shocking to see that seven people said UNC, one person said Duke, one person said Virginia, and one person said they didn’t watch college basketball.                                                                                                                                                                                    With March Madness in full swing and about to return most people entered the tournament thinking there was going to be teams that we a lock to not be upset by anyone. However this March madness made history and not in a good way when number one seeded Virginia went down to the number sixteen UMBC in the first round. This is the first time that this has ever happened in NCAA tournament history. Along with all the upsets comes the busted brackets.  Well there’s always a chance next year.

NFL Pro Bowl

By: Kaleb Bowen, Staff Writer

The NFL Pro Bowl is an all-star game for the NFL played one week before the Super Bowl. It has been played in Orlando Florida for the past two years but before that it was played in Honolulu, HI. The past two years it has been AFC vs NFC but in the past it was always two legends picking their teams on the Wednesday before the pro bowl.

The Pro Bowl is a highly touted game where this years All-Pro players will play each other as an All-Star game.  The New Orleans Saints led the NFC with the most Pro Bowl players on the roster with seven players one as a replacement, and on the opposing team the Pittsburgh Steelers led with nine Pro Bowl selections but only eight played.

A couple of takeaways from the game would have to be Derek Carr’s, second-half surge to Jarvis Landry’s must-see plays.  The winning team of the Pro Bowl got paid $64,000 each which is double that of the losing team. AFCs Quarterback, Derek Carr, drove the ball down the field and threw an 18 yard touchdown pass to Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker to win the game on the last drive with six seconds left.

Da G.O.A.T.jpg

“FC quarterback Drew Brees (9), of the New Orleans Saints, looks to pass under pressure from AFC defensive tackle Geno Atkins (97) of the Cincinnati Bengals, during the first half of the NFL Pro Bowl football game, Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/Steve Nesius). ”


The Harkni Journey of a New Life

By: Haley Danis, Staff Writer

Bringing a new life into the world is a blessing from God. Our very own Jon and Kasey Harkness began the adoption process in April 2017. On February 2 2018 at 12:58 pm James Marshall was born. The adoption process was very challenging for the Harkness’.

“Since we decided to do a private adoption without the use of an agency, we needed to arrange for our own pre-placement assignment (home study, where they do super extensive background checks, family histories, and a social worker conducts several interview with you to decide if you can handle an adoption of a child) and we had to hire an attorney,” Harkness explained.

Village and many other friends of the Harkness’ donated to the gofundme account that was made for the arrival of James Marshall and raised over $7 thousand after fees. Students of village shared the link to the gofundme account every social media that they have to get the word out of the adoption. Picking a baby’s name can be the hardest part of a birth. Putting a meaning behind a name will make the name very special to the parents of a new life.

“We have always liked the name “James”, but on top of that my sister’s name is jamie, and since she’s the one who had the connection that found the baby in the first place, we thought it was very fitting to honor her. As for the middle name we got the idea of “Marshall” from the character on “How I Met Your Mother”, who our friends like to joke about and say the character and Jon have a lot in common,” Harkness commented.

The first time a mother lays eyes on their newborn child, it is a very magical and heart warming experience. As for the Harkness’ they were in awe that it really came true, and that they actually had him in their arms after ten months.  

There is more to come with James Marshall and the Harkness’ journey on a new family!