Spring scoring

by Asa Barnes, staff writer

Spring sports are off to the races as the baseball, softball and women’s soccer have all started their seasons. The end of March is a great barometer of the climate of the team and the likelihood of success for the season.

At the midpoint of the spring season, the baseball team has a 4-5 record, the soccer team started 2-1-3 and the softball team is at 2-5.

Even though the baseball team started off with a losing record through the first 9 games, Drew Royal, a junior on the team still has confidence. “We started off the season with a pretty tough schedule,” Royal stated. “It made us a better team, and because of that, there’s no doubt in my mind that we will turn our season around and win a lot more games.”

While the baseball team seems to still have plenty of confidence, leaders of the softball team are trying to instill that mentality into their teammates. “It’s all about playing with confidence,” Makayla Kimble a junior on the team stated. “We have to believe in ourselves.”

The women’s soccer team also seems to be keeping their heads up despite a losing record early. “I believe that we are continuing to get better and better every day.” Jaylah Webb a junior on the team said. “We are improving.”