To biscuit or not?

Bryce Neier, staff writerImage-1

Starting on March 5, stopped serving hot breakfast prior to the school day This decisions caused an uproar with students who would no longer be able to get hot food prior to their school day beginning.

The reason behind this change was less than five percent of the student body was taking advantage of the breakfast which resulted in the repercussion of a financial loss to the cafeteria’s bottom line.

Mr. Tom Rider , superintendent of Village, said in a recent email that the decision to stop breakfast for the high school was a purely a fiscal one. It was brought to his attention that there was not enough students taking advantage of the breakfast and was costing Village money leaving Mr.Rider with a tough decision to make.

An email was sent March 2 to families and students notifying them off the change.  As you can imagine, there was a brief moment of chaos among the high school population as most students rely on break to keep them from experiencing hunger until lunch.  Most upperclassmen were pleasantly surprised to find waffles, pancakes and biscuits still available during the 12 minute respite between their first and second classes. The dining services department plans to continue offering hot foods, along with the typical grab and go items, throughout the remainder of the year.

Do you have a suggestion for the cafeteria staff on items offered during break?  We would love to hear your comments by posting below.